Non Destructive Crack Testing

Non destructive crack testing is carried out on crankshafts to detect flaws and cracks that are not usually visible to the naked eye. At Metric Automotive Engineering these tests are done on a custom built machine which is capable of testing both large and long crankshafts with ease. This forms the basis of the crankshaft inspection process.

Crankshaft Inspection & Grinding

All data is recorded to facilitate an informed decision on the repair process. Crankshaft journals are ground to remove material to expose a clean and uniform bearing running surface while maintaining the journal tolerances according to OEM specification. This includes maintaining the critical radius dimensions.

Crankshaft Polishing

Once the crankshaft has been ground it undergoes a three step polishing process to ensure the best possible journal surface finish.

Camshaft Reprofiling

Worn camshaft lobes can be repaired by reprofiling. Metric Automotive Engineering maintains an extensive library of master profile plates allowing the company to offer reprofiling on most camshaft types.

Other Services

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