Cylinder Heads


Pressure Testing

All cylinder heads are pressure tested using heated immersion technology to detect coolant passage leaks. The cylinder heads are also crack tested using magnetic particle testing to detect any cracks on the combustion surface face.

Valve Refacing

The condition and tolerances of valves are inspected and recorded to ascertain the extent of the wear so an informed decision can be made regarding refurbishment. Salvageable valves are refaced to extend the component service life.

Valve Seat Refacing

A similar procedure is followed with valve seats where these are inspected against OEM specifications and where recommended the valve seat is refaced. This process extends the life of the component further.

Cylinder Head Surfacing

As a result of fretting, overheating and corrosion, the cylinder head surface often requires refurbishment. In this case, the cylinder head is machined to ensure the integrity of the sealing face.

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