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The remanufacturing industry holds great potential for school-leavers, according to Metric Automotive Engineering.

Companies like Metric Automotive Engineering are built on leveraging their advanced equipment with high-quality technical expertise.It all starts with a structured learnership programme in a high-performance working environment.

We know that South Africa faces a serious shortage of technical skills, with many young people looking first at university-level opportunities. The future, however, requires well-trained artisans who can grow their skills in line with fast-evolving technologies in various sectors. 

For many careers – such as a certified automotive machinist – the learner needs just a matric certificate with mathematics and science. They don’t need to attend a technical college, to get a National Technical Certificate.

Rather, school-leavers can apply for learnerships with established businesses. The business provides practical learning over a four-year period. You can see the terms of requirements set by the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Merseta). 

With good mentoring and a systematic learning process in the workplace, learners can become artisans in their selected field – opening up an exciting career that is demands ongoing skills development as technology advances.

Metric Automotive Engineering is a proudly South African company that has a vested interest in training. The more skills we can develop and keep in the country, the better for all.

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