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We focus on people and their expertise in the technical environment. We create a multi-skilled and versatile artisan who is capable of the full range of workshop processes. 

At Metric Automotive Engineering, this is the approach that delivers sustainability for the business and value for its customers.

The well-established training programme makes sure that learners don’t over-focuse on just one or two tasks. 

In line with the competency-based learnership system, which we align to our ISO quality standards in-house. All our artisans become multi-skilled, well-rounded experts in their field. It demands a systematic approach combined with close mentorship. We set the learners up for success in each aspect of the workshop.

In turn, it feeds a culture of professionalism and pride in the workplace. Everyone feels part of a well-functioning industrial environment. We conduct the work on world-class machinery, so the expertise that is applied needs to be at the same high level.

This approach enhances the fulfillment that our people achieve in their careers, moving between different tasks and equipment with ease. It also improves our workshop capacity when there is high workflow. We have the versatility to redirect our human resources as required.

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